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Check out the following website.


It has a lot of free patterns.  It also has quite a few other patterns that you will need to pay for but the cost isn't prohibitive.

Recognise anyone....

While doing one of my random searches on the internet I came across a set of pictures of an extant red velvet frock that once belonged to Eleanora of Toledo.

The pictures were taken last year at the costume conference in Florence.

I am thinking the person in the top right hand corner wearing the denim jacket looks a little familiar. ;-) 


arrived from Adelaide just half an hour ago, when I get home from work this afternoon I will get to unpack it! Yippee.

Posted mostly for my future reference but here for others to enjoy.


Knitting/ crochet pattern hereCollapse )
Tis enough for now but I still found some of the above rather cool

Not a pattern but a very dangerous website as far as the bank account is concerned.
The yarns I like the most are the 2ply cashmere and the 1 ply silk/cashmere blend.

*Will need acces to ravelry to view these patterns


Here are some pics from Midwinter the first one is of Ye Olde Miss C, Felix and myself.

One of the Royal Household on Satuday:

Here is one of there majesties at the tourney on Sunday.

All of the above photos were taken by Felix's Dad, Hugh

I am back from Midwinter!

And I had lots of fun!

Some highlights (note: not in any particular order).
> Finally found some orange wool (have been after this for ages to make a German frock), also bought some olive green wool.  Both were bought for $12p/m.
> Found some silk yarn at www.beautifulsilks.com.au for knitting Eleanora's hose.
> Got to catch up with lots of friends from all over the place. 
> Got to chat to one my apprentice sisters about being in Sydney during August (hint, hint Miss D).
> It was a special weekend for some very good friends of mine and also a special weekend for others I think are cool
     - Theodoric and Engeling stepped down and Gabs and Stanzi stepped up as King and Queen.  (I was starting to tear up by the end).
     - Sara and Rodrigo said goodbye as the Baron and Baroness of Stormhold and made way for Hanbal and Uta
     - Vandel was made a court baron
     - Hanbal was admitted into the order of the pelican.
     - Was inspired by the frockage I saw at that event to really get my but into gear to make something for myself.
> Was highly amused by the antics of friends at variou points.
> Was also highly amused by the goths who thought we were dressed strangely.

There were many more exciting things that happened and I will update as I think of them.

And just becaue i am bored....

I thought I would post some links to some cranach portraits...... (please excuse me not pointing out the difference between older and younger)

Shows a front opening in the sheer partlet of the breastfeeding woman

Woman on the left - orange dress with red trim

I like the green dress in the middle

I just like the detail on this one in general

Like the frock on the left, and love the wringlets on the lady on the right.

Love the hair net, and the chemise and the colour of the dress

Hadn't seen this one before

Love the gold on the high-necked chemise and the black brustfleck

I have wooden Clogs!

I bought them saturday from a Danish Deli around the corner from Stabs' place.  They were $33.50 a pair.  Woohoo!